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Téléchargement le album - subconscious mind to attract money


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subconscious mind to attract money is The New Advanced Way that Empowers You to Reclaim Full, Total and Absolute Mastery of Your Self, Y our Life and Reality

95% of your life is determined by your subconscious mind. This is how to stop financial lack using the awesome power of the subconscious.
Only a few people understand, that your subconscious mind is the most powerful instrument that you have. It processes 4 000 000 000 bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can process only 2 000. That means the subconscious is 2 million times faster than the conscious.
Your subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. Its capacity is virtually unlimited. Sub consciousness permanently stores all your memories, it regulates, blood pressure and muscles tension, and it determines eye movement and so much more. Above all it and most importantly it is responsible for your emotional state in every moment of your life; in fact, it manages your reality.
Thus, when you experience pain, you can’t perceive it for a long period of time – your consciousness pushes it to the subconscious “shady” zone, where it lies rotting and giving off negative affects which last a life-time. A good example is scarcity of money – this fear of being without money is rooted in a particular situation in your past. People like to say that time cures. Unfortunately, this is not true – your suppressed emotional events just dig deeper giving rise to waves of negativity.
The critical issue is the SUBCONSCIOUS CREATES SITUATIONS that strengthen and/or renew the unprocessed past traumas. When you trigger these negative situations, your first reaction is to blame other people, the government, the climate, the company or whoever else you happen to choose, but, and it is really hard to admit, the real reason is inside yourself, inside your past experiences which lurk in your subconscious. And the annoying reality is you can also clearly see the root, when you simply ask yourself about it.
Since being rich and successful is the results of several actions made in the right sequence and at the right time, most people don’t grasp this so they waste time and energy trying to create wealth – spinning the wheels and getting nowhere! It is impossible for them to create wealth. Situations (life conditions) will deflect results in the wrong way because of faulty decisions which mean that created wealth will be destroyed. The lottery winners are the best examples – they get lucky once a lifetime, but their fears, pains, beliefs and behavioral models (unprocessed emotional charges) mean they are poor again in a few months/years.
Master’s Solution is the instrument that cleanses your subconscious of painful situations from the past. Yes, those times when you were beaten, offended, neglected, robbed and mocked. I know it is hard to delve back into this material again, but it is your ONLY choice. This is the exit from your comfort zone. The good thing is that thanks to these extraordinary techniques you need only to say one keyword or trigger and your subconscious mind, acting as your faithful servant, will eliminate the negative experiences easily quickly and freely.
I recommend you get the Master’s Solution Set: Open your mind to the Universe and Abundance ( and eliminate all outdated and painful life moments from your subconscious mind in just a couple weeks and begin to enjoy a completely new and richer mindset.
Why Are You Lucky Sometimes?
We know that there is a competition for energy between mind (aka ego), body and soul. In order to win, the mind creates negative emotional states to collect as much as energy as possible. Since, it is the most effective and powerful system, it creates the chain of situations (or thoughts) that leads you to negativity. This is how the mind wins and becomes “happy”, it tells itself “I told you so, but you did not listen etc.” In other words it makes endless excuses to itself and creates more and more negative energy the more it “fails”.
It is quite easy to think you are making your body happy. As long as you follow the fake cult of healthy food and fitness, you think you are taking care of your body but all you are doing is believing in the marketing that was created so that you envy the fake photos in the illustrated magazines and Instagram and buy stuff.
Alternatively, the truly happy situation is when our soul is winning but this is very rare. How many people do you know that live from their soul and are REALLY HAPPY? The normal or average person is just a system that transform solar energy into suffering and pain.
Now, with Master’s Solutions you can really clean up the subconscious chains that lead you to suffering and negativity. You can make a start by reading the Personality Chapter in our catalogue ( But to move forward I am here to assist you so you can find the best way out of your day-to-day nightmare and reconnect to your soul’s purpose. Connect with me in the messenger to get real-time advice and coaching –
Why Are You Always Making Wrong Decisions?
Despite the fact, that your brain is the most powerful computing device in the universe, the mind (aka ego) perceives information selectively. On one hand the mind prefers to feel the importance of itself to get the positive emotions from growing ego, on another hand, the mind is afraid to see the scary facts and prefers to block this source of information, so-called “lacunaes of horror”. This is why you are not getting enough precise and detailed information for making correct decisions. Your perfect brain has become a biased mind. Thus, it is almost impossible for you to become rich.
To become rich and successful you need to make several perfect decisions in a row at the right time. Based on the imperfect information brought to you by your biased mind, your decision-making process will always be wrong.
If you want to get a clear vision on money issues and success, I recommend that you use our Master’s Solution Set: Open your mind to the Universe of Wealth.
If you want to substantially enhance your relationships and/or health, I recommend that you look through the Master’s Solutions catalog to find what is right for you. Feel free to ask me if you need help in knowing which Master’s Solutions will work best for you and the situations in your life.
Manage your subconscious mind for success!
Why We Keep Ourselves Busy?
We keep ourselves permanently busy because of our how to end porn addiction and fears. This is our cowardice, when we are afraid to admit that we are engaged in everything and a lot, because we are afraid to be real, to do really important things. We do a lot of urgent stuff, and it’s because of our fears. Mostly, the fear of stay without money, fear to be unsuccessful.
To get rid of your fears and anxiety about money kindly get here Master’s Solution Set: Open you mind to the Universe of Abundance and get free time and huge amount of energy to realize your real intentions.
What’s your greatest regret so far, and what will you set out to achieve or change before you die?
Please send it to me by
Manage your subconscious mind for success!
Eliminate outdated believes about money with the power of subcosncious mind
Lack of money is the problem for most of us, but, this is one of the typical games played by ego. There are plenty of money in this world, however all these trillions of dollars and euros are passing by our wallets, just making us anxious about our future. Thus, the target should be just to change the directions of these cash-flows. First of all, we need to understand the obstacles that prevent us to get the money, to feel the abundance. The roots are lies in our subconscious mind. Part of these roots are behavior models received from parents in our childhood. Another part is our fears, superstitions and myths received at conscious age. The most elegant way to clean up this waste dump is to give detailed instruction to our most faithful servant – the subconscious mind. This actually our Master’s Solution: Fears, myths, superstitions about money does. Please click this link –, and get Master’s Solution and see how many subconscious waste dump is eliminated just in 3 days.
Manage your subconscious mind for success!
Use the power of subconscious mind to manage your time properly
Time management behaviors are very much lies within your subconscious mind. You think that you choose to be efficient or you choose to be disorganized. However, only effective people choose to focus and concentrate on their highest-value tasks that contribute the most value to their life.
The starting point of overcoming your previous programming and eliminating the mental blocks to time management is for you to make a clear, unequivocal decision to become one of the most effective people you know. You must decide, right here and now, that you are going to become the Master of your Life. Your aim should be to manage your time, energy and concentration so well that reality will be changing according to your intention.
Get Master’s Solution: Time management and become the rain-maker.
Manage your reality with subconscious mind
Erasing the Fears – Master’s Solution

I had some subconscious mind to attract money this Solution at first. I’m an anxious person, and I’m afraid of a LOT of things. So I definitely thought the Erasing the Fears Master’s Solution would be a good thing for me to try. The initial format, however, was very different from other Solutions I’ve used—more like a paper explaining a different way to understand and structure fears than the list of statements to which I’ve become accustomed. It was interesting and a little confusing, but one of the great things about these Solutions is that you don’t have to consciously understand or even agree with all of what you’re reading. You just have to read it and let your subconscious mind do the rest.
So I used the Solution, and then I waited to be free of my fear. I watched a scary television show and had nightmares for a week. Nope. Still obviously scared of things. With the other Solutions I’ve tried, I’ve always gotten immediate feedback to tell me they were working. With this one, nothing. I actually reached out to the Master and asked him for advice. He told me to keep paying attention and let it unfold. So I did.
Then, about two weeks after I’d first used the Erasing the Fears Solution, I wrote a piece of flash fiction. Only about 450 words, but it got several positive reactions. I had one criticism. In the past, that would have been all it took to shut me down and put away the story. But this time I accepted it and moved on. In fact, I asked my writer friends to recommend a place for me to submit it.
I cannot emphasize enough what a huge step that was for me. Fear of submitting my work to strangers has held me back as a writer for my entire adult life. A friend tried to force me to submit a poem once, and I had a panic attack. Until now, just thinking about trying to put my work out where other people could read it left me feeling physically paralyzed with fear and dread. I know that anxiety has kept me from finishing stories, has often kept me from writing altogether. In my heart lurked the niggling terror that to show my work to a stranger was to confirm, once and for all, that I am a terrible writer and all of my stories are garbage.
Now that feeling is gone. Just…poof. I made an account. I submitted my story to a paying market. Now I wait to see if it is accepted. There is no anxiety, no panic, no dread, and no underlying certainty of failure. If the piece is accepted, wonderful! If not, then I submit it somewhere else. My mountain of fear has become a molehill. It’s going to be really interesting to see what else I’m not afraid of anymore. Doctors? Using public transportation by myself? I am so tremendously grateful for the opportunity to find out!
You’ll get Master’s Solution: Erasing the Fears by following this link:
Elimination of Victim Role Solution

I’ve struggled with acting the victim and the martyr for most of my life. In school it was a defense mechanism; if I was pathetic enough, people would step in to save me from bullies and take pity on me when I couldn’t quite rise to external expectations. As my eyesight, depression, and anxiety grew worse, I discovered that the effect was stronger. I also found that I could navigate new situations by looking confused, because inevitably someone would take me under their wing and show me the ropes. It was all too easy to fall into what I considered to be my “helpless kitten” mode. When it worked, it worked very well, and I was able to manipulate the people around me and make them feel good about it.
But being manipulative is rarely good for anyone, and eventually this attitude helped ruin my first marriage. I eventually found myself without husband, home, and job. It was then that I realized how much I had been depending on other people to take care of me, and how wearing that was on my relationships. I felt like a fraud who had asked too many favors, and my helpless kitten persona was no longer quite as convincing as it had once been. I needed to take charge of my own life.
I have been working on this issue ever since that point, and there always seem to be more layers. I’d have sworn that I didn’t consider myself a victim or a martyr anymore. And yet, when I started theContinue reading“Elimination of Victim Role Solution”
The Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution has been life-changing for me.

I’ve been managing anxiety and depression with supplements and therapy for years. In the past, one conflict or surprise in a day could cripple my ability to function. Some days it was all I could do to get out of bed. I’ve done a lot of things to mitigate these tendencies, but it wasn’t until I tried the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution that I really felt like I had control over how I reacted to the events in my life.
I started using the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution two days before a major trip. The first day I read the Clap, Execute It, Merge, and Hop’po processes, then moved on to the Self-Sabotage Solution itself. When I came to the first command to “Execute It”, I decided to let that process run while I did chores. About an hour later, for no external reason, I started smiling. I suddenly found myself so full of joy and well-being that I had to laugh. That was the programmed signal to smile written into the Execute It process to signal completion. I knew that my first process had finished, and it was time to go on to the next. I felt incredible! I proceeded on with each instruction in turn in a similar manner until I had completed each. The next day I read the Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution again straight through, confident that my subconscious would run each process in turn, without the need to pause. Each day since I’ve simply referenced the Solution in my head and requested that my subconscious run the proper sequence of processes as I go about my normal errands.
I freely admit I was dubious at first. The website talks pretty big. But this Solution is working for me, and here’s how I can tell. It’s not that my life suddenly became uncomplicated. I was almost immediately presented with a number of challenges that could have shut me down, made me miserable, and put a lot of strain on my relationship. They could very well have ruined a trip I’d been looking forward to for months. Before I tried the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution, they absolutely would have. But because I had ceased to sabotage myself by getting stuck in negative emotions and thought patterns, each time I felt myself start to become angry or anxious, hostile or judgmental, I was able to stop myself. I was able to use my tools, including the Master’s Solutions processes, to pull myself back and insist on a different experience. I found the things I’d lost. We made it to and from our destination with greater ease than we’d thought possible, had a wonderful time, and met many amazing people. And I was able to do all of that because the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution helped me stop living in negativity and gave me control over my own reactions. I am no longer sabotaging myself by becoming stuck in unhelpful judgments and de-energizing emotions. I can’t wait to see what else is possible for me after this!
I would encourage anyone and everyone to try the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution for themselves, or buy any of the other Solutions available. The Clap, Execute It, Merge, and Hop’po processes are valuable, but they’re only tools to help you attain specific goals. It’s developing a map toward those goals that can be really difficult. Without help, we can and often will leave ourselves loopholes and blind spots so we may continue in our familiar patterns of self-defeat. But that’s why the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution is so valuable. The map is already laid out before you, a comprehensive digest of all the things anyone needs to do to remove the most common sabotages from their lives.
I would recommend this Solution for anyone, whether they have a lot of experience with this sort of self-healing or none at all, whether they would consider themselves already successful or are certain that no one and nothing can help them. I promise this is more than worth a try. And if you genuinely feel like you aren’t sabotaging yourself, I recommend you buy one of the other Solutions. There’s a lot of help available to you, if you just step up to accept it. I promise you won’t regret it.
Best way to stop anxiety attacks

Are you facing an anxiety attacks regularly? Do you constantly find yourself worrying? Do you worry about even the little things you shouldn’t? It is common believe that worrying is a natural survival instinct. 99 percent people are worry from time to time, try to consider risks, think about the consequences of actions, and plan against the worst happening. However it is just a waste of time, or we can say that problems are negatively charged tasks. We have a solution for this. We will help you to reduce your anxiety attacks as we have some Best Way to Stop Anxiety attacks.
First of all, an anxiety is a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events. It is a state of apprehension, uncertainty and fear resulting from the anticipation of as real or imagined impending threats. In this regard, anxiety is caused by behaving in an apprehensive manner, such as worrying, imagining the worst, and fearing the worst.
An anxiety attack is a high degree stress response activated by either overly apprehensive behavior worrying fearing something really bad may happen or by the involuntary action of an overly stressed body.
Here is the Best ways to stop anxiety attacks:
• Understand the anatomy of an anxiety attack
• Stop scaring yourself
• Calm yourself down
• Relaxed diaphragmatic breathing
• Relax your body
• Distract yourself
• Recognize all panic attacks end
• Recognize your body is doing what it’s supposed to in response to thinking you are in danger.
• Even though an anxiety attack may feel like it is out of control, it actually isn’t.
• Keep your body’s stress in check.
Visit to stop anxiety attacks and achieve greater happiness in your life. This Master’s Solution: Stop Anxiety! will ultimately remove dread, irritation, stress, fear, worry, apathy, hatred in you thus you’ll become connected back to your inner self and feel confident, calm, quiet, peaceful and blissful.
For Free Anti-stress Master’s Solution visit:
Click here for more
Best way to stop anxiety attacks
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No one, including the author or any other person, can be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage or liability resulting from reading this website and/or using the techniques and solutions found there.
The technique (MASTER’S SOLUTIONS) described here is not intended to replace competent medical or psychological assistance and no guarantee is made here as to its effectiveness for you. Relief from physical symptoms is not an indicator of relief from disease or pathology. Only diagnosis by a qualified medical or psychiatric practitioner can determine freedom from pathology.
No endorsement or warranty is explicit or implied by any entity connected to this website and or the site’s content. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results. By starting Master’s Solutions technique you agree to accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being, and to release and hold harmless this website, its owners, agents, and employees, who are not liable or responsible for any claim of loss or damage to you or any person arising from any information or suggestion herein. If you do not agree to these terms, you agree to leave this web site.
It is strictly prohibited for any person under 18 to use the techniques described on the website or any person with any type of brain disease like epilepsy or brain tumor, high blood pressure (over 180/100), mental illness, or who is taking psychotropic drugs or tranquilizers. It is strictly prohibited to use the technique while pregnant or nursing. If you do not agree to these terms, you are welcome to leave this website.
By reading this website you are agreeing to fully accept these conditions and to forgo any future claims against the author, rights-holders, agents, employees, or distributors of the MASTER’S SOLUTION technique. If you do not agree to these terms, you must agree to leave this website.
Persons with serious psychological problems, or idiots and cretins who cannot take responsibility for their own decisions are also strongly encouraged to leave the website.
All rights reserved. Commercial copying, selling, hiring, lending is prohibited without prior written consent. Any copying, broadcasting, public performance or re-recording of processors and Master’ Solutions will constitute an infringement of copyright. Copying of text from this website is only allowed with the reference of the source.
It is possible that some negative emotions will be stimulated while using the MASTER’S SOLUTIONS. In addition to that, your newfound emotional freedom will strengthen your intentions so that they will be realized more quickly. This will require you to live your life more consciously.
To Start
The main advantage of this technique is that it works very fast. After completion of the first phase the Universe will no longer be divided by dualities, nor will you make judgments based on the dualities of your perceptions. You will feel less emotional and it will prepare you to dig deeper into your past. During the "Start"phase you will work on merging dualities, neutralizing emotions (to get emotional balance), and processing the first, most troubling problem in your life.
Begin with the following affirmation:
• Put your right hand on your heart.
• Say "I accept myself with all my fears, pains, convictions, judgments, grudges, grieves, malice, stress, self-negation, anger and anxiety etc. I desire to feel whole, complete, strong, independent, self-assured, self-directed and fully alive. It is my desire to fully reclaim control of my mind and body. It is also my desire to re-integrate my Life Force Energy completely with my mind and body. I desire a happy, healthy, peaceful, exciting, joyful, fulfilling and effortlessly successful life for myself. From now on, I will do Master’s Solutions technique to eliminate the roots of all my problems and reach the state of conscious life. What has just been said resonates with me. This is my mind, body and life and I am the owner and master of all of it.”
• Alternatively, you can do it by hand-writing, sign it, write the date and hang it on a visible place.
Processing Problems
This innovative technique makes the processing of your mental waste automatic - by using of the "Clap" and the "Execute it" processors.
"Clap" is truly a universal and powerful tool to process not only episodes from the past, but also emotional states or physical diseases. A headache can be processed with "Clap", just focus on your headache and repeat "Clap" 10 times, or until you begin to smile.
To learn the “Clap” processor, please read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases "Beginning of instructions." and "End of instructions". After that, the Sub Conscious Mind (SCM) will accept it as a guide for its actions.
Free Processor "Clap"
"Execute It" is a universal processor used for, status, concepts, or emotions. It is very straightforward - we focus our attention on the problem (or any mental or emotionally charged waste we would like to eliminate), and we give the order to our SCM through the "Execute It" command, and the SCM begins to process the material using a pre-written algorithm.
"I hate Ann". After reciting "I hate Ann", we focus our SCM on the problem and then we start the processing using the "Execute It" command. The SCM starts the processing as follows:
1. It looks for the root of the hatred in the records of the past. After that, it eliminates the emotional charge.
2. It breaks down the problem into very tiny episodes and processes each episode separately. Using the example -"I hate how she smiles", "I hate her father", "she is so unpleasant" etc.
3. The purpose of these actions is to find and to process the decisions you made long ago and no longer remember, but still influence your life, although you are not aware of it. For this hypothetical problem, it could be possible that the decision never to trust anyone like Ann was made at the age of five, because someone similar to her frightened us badly.
4. The SCM finds and processes every opinion, conviction, and belief related to this material, its component parts, all individuals and entities that played a part in its creation and conservation, as well as the possibility, impossibility, methods, and processing of the material.
5. After that, the SCM processes all offenses, lack of forgiveness, blame, grievances and all other negative emotional charges, which we bear against people, creatures, objects, gods, the universe, or reality that is connected to this material and its component parts.
6. The free space is filled with white light energy (prana, chi, Reiki, etc.), and the hole where new mental material could be pumped in closes and is eliminated.
7. Processing material and the act of forgiveness works better and faster when we feel our gratitude to the Universe.
The instruction could be read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases "Beginning of instructions" and "End of instructions". After that, the SCM will accept it as a guide for its actions. There is no need to reread or refresh it. The SCM will accept everything and remember it forever.
Free Processor "Execute It"
Processing Dualities
By processing dualities, you will gradually shift from perception that appraises and sees things in polarities to perception that is nonjudgmental and non-polarizing. Your emotional balance will be more stable and lucid through the elimination of psychological problems and automatic behavioral patterns. You will also achieve a more "Buddhist" perception of life. In addition, some automatic behavioral patterns will vanish on their own because they will no longer be relevant. You will gain many insights as you go along. Remain conscious and keep a journal. Dualities exist only in our mind and nowhere else. There is no separation or conflict in the Universe, and what we perceive as separation exists only because of a mental "charge", which keeps dualities at a distance from one another.
Thus, all that is needed is to eliminate the charge between them, and the dualities become one on their own. The dualities are one, but the separation between the dualities is just an illusion. The separation is like a box of matches between two magnets. Once we eliminate the box, the magnets stick together on their own.
The technique includes the "Merge" processor. The instruction could be read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases "Beginning of instructions" and "End of instructions". After that, the SCM will accept it as a guide for its actions. There is no need to reread or refresh it. The SCM will accept everything and remember it forever.
Free Processor "Merge"
Following is a list of 420 dualities:
List of dualities
The neutralizing process is very simple. You pronounce the first part of the duality, the second part of the duality and then the word "Merge", and repeat it until you feel yourself begin to smile.

Good - bad - merge
Good - bad - merge
Good - bad - merge
Good - bad - merge
Good - bad - merge

If you start to smile - OK, the process is running and you can merge another duality. If after ten repetitions, you have not begun to smile, then move on to another pair of dualities - the SCM will neutralize the duality a bit later. It is better to feel the dualities while pronouncing them (it is not necessary to pronounce them aloud - it is enough to say them to yourself).
• There is no need to repeat dualities processed earlier, i.e., you can delete the duality from the list, and there is no need to return.
• There is no need to reprocess a duality processed earlier - it will not speed up the processing, just increase the headache.
• Please be careful with the number of dualities you process, it is not recommended to process more than 10-15 dualities per day.
• After your mind and body have adapted to this amount of work, it is possible to increase the number of dualities. Anyway, please listen to your body and when it says it has had enough, stop for today.
If you do not understand the duality (it looks like nonsense) - just skip it. The list of dualities is in alphabetical order.
You can use "Merge" processor to converge yourself with noise, people, clouds, birds or anything else you find annoying.
Processing Emotional States
The next important part of the Start stage is processing emotional states. You need to process a list of emotions and emotional states with the "Execute it", based on the "AGFLAP-CAP". All the emotions in Lester Levinson's "AGFLAP-CAP" are divided into nine groups: six are "negative" and three are "positive".
The negative emotions are:
Apathy Grief
The positive emotions are:
You may be very surprised after processing emotional states by how emotionally neutral you feel. You do not feel negative or positive emotions, only a very balanced, "zero" state. To process an emotion, you need to take the first emotion from the list starting at the top, pronounce it, and (trying to simultaneously feel this state), recite "Execute it", repeating until you smile (or up to ten times), then move on to another emotion. For example, Hopelessness - Execute it and repeat until you smile or have said it ten times.
Hopelessness – Execute it
Hopelessness – Execute it
Hopelessness – Execute it
Hopelessness – Execute it
You must repeat it ten times or until you smile, then take another emotion – Awareness - and repeat the procedure again.
• Moving from top to bottom, you do not need to repeat the emotions processed earlier.
• You can delete the emotion from the list after processing it.
• Please be careful with the number of emotions you process.
• It is not recommended to process more than 10-15 emotions per day.
• After your mind and body have adapted to this amount of work, it is possible to increase the number of emotions.
• Listen to your body and when it says it has had enough, then stop for today.
Read the full AGFLAP-CAP list here
Processing of the Most Painful Problem
The most painful episodes are processed manually, because this is most important part of your work. This re-experiencing is a very important part of the work, in order to release the energy that is hidden in the past. Usually the re-experiencing takes several years, but thanks to Master's Solutions we can do it much faster. The same problem will be processed automatically later on, during the “Awake me” stage, but you need to start with the basic episodes and work with the most important persons for you.
We begin to re-experience by compiling a list of episodes, thoroughly remembering and writing down these past episodes, when we interacted with other people.
• Take a sheet of paper and pen and start to write. It is not important if you cannot remember every episode and detail - that will come later. The most painful episodes could be blocked or hidden in the huge iceberg of your SCM.
• Write down only the facts of the episode. There is no need to compose a poem about your torment. For example – “argued with John at my birthday party”, “money was stolen from my wallet”, “missed the flight to Hawaii”, and so on.
• Do not worry about the details of the episode - the SCM remembers them all - every breath, every movement, every touch.
• It is better to group episodes around a person - it will be easier to process not only the episode, but also the person later on.
• Focus on the most highly charged and embedded episodes, primarily those connected to your parents and loved ones. It is not difficult to recognize a charged episode - those are the ones that cause you discomfort when you touch them.
• You do not need to remember the whole episode and relive it. Just mark it.
• Do not lie to yourself by saying you do not have charged episodes - that means that they are hidden very deep in the ice of your SCM.
Compiling a list of episodes and processing them will bring considerable relief and you will have more energy and enthusiasm to work further. Eventually, you will realize you have no more heavily charged material. That means the work is over and all other material will be processed automatically. However, it is possible that you will begin to remember some very painful, basic episodes, usually associated with childhood, within 2-3 months - it means you need to do more manual processing. Manual processing is carried out using three main basic processors - "Clap", "Hoppo" and "Execute It".
The processor's main task is to quickly eliminate the episode's emotional charge. The charge consists of pictures, emotions, feelings, senses, and thoughts.
Alternatively, you can order appropriate Master’s Solution in Catalogue, insert your material and process it automatically.
"Hoppo" is an automatic method of forgiveness based on the Hawaiian technique "Ho'oponopono", and is used to forgive everyone who played a part in an episode. Both "Clap" and "Hoppo" are used in all Master's solutions, including the super-processor "Execute it".
Free Processor "Hoppo"
The process is very simple:
• Take the first episode from your list, focus your attention on it, and start the processors.
• You can use either "Clap" (if you want to do it quickly) or "Execute it" (if you have some time to process the episode). "Execute it" will not only eliminate the episode, but also process the solutions, convictions, and beliefs that were created based on the episode, and it will process the parts of your personalities that were affected by the episode.
• In a practical sense, if you want to process the episode "argued with John last September" - you focus your attention on the episode, and then recite (aloud or silently):
o Argued with John last September – Clap
o Argued with John last September – Clap
o Argued with John last September – Clap
Repeat until you smile. If you still have not smiled after ten repetitions, leave it and go to next episode from your list.
• Your SCM will start to process it anyway.
• You can use "Execute it" as well, but the results will be slower.
• Return to the episode an hour after you used "Clap" on it and examine the emotional charge. If the episode seems boring - it means that the emotional charge has been eliminated or reduced.
• If the emotional charge has not disappeared - you need to manually work on your resistance to processing the episode.
Thus, you need to write down all of your resistance, which could look like:
I do not want to forgive them.
Those bastards hurt me
I cannot release it.
I hate them all.
I will never release it.
This technique cannot make me free.
I am hopeless, and nothing can help me.
Every phrase needs to be processed with "Execute it" until you smile (or ten times, after which you should move to another phrase).
I cannot release it – Execute it
I cannot release it – Execute it
I cannot release it – Execute it
Until you smile or ten times, after which, process the episode with "Clap" once again. When you use "Execute it", the results may take three days. After processing every episode connected to a particular person, you need to process the person using "Clap", as well.
John – Clap
John – Clap
John – Clap

Until you smile or ten times. After that, use "Hoppo" to forgive the person.
John – Hoppo
John – Hoppo
John – Hoppo

Until you smile or ten times. And, finally, eliminating the separation from this person is done using the "Merge" processor:
John and I – Merge
John and I – Merge
John and I – Merge
Until you smile or ten times.
This procedure substantially enhances the relationship with that person, even if you are not in contact with him or her. After that, you can move on to the next episode until it is processed. If you process an episode with one person, but suddenly recall yet another uncomfortable episode with the same person - just process that episode separately.
However, it is important to note that sometimes after processing an episode you may still be uncomfortable with it. Look at your feeling, thoughts, convictions, and conclusions carefully. All this mental waste can be processed - there are no exceptions.
Work Plan for the Start Phase
During the first month, you need to:
1. Merge all the dualities from the list.
2. Process all the emotional states.
3. Execute the most painful episodes.
Please do not rush and try to process 40 dualities and 70 emotions per day - it is too difficult for a mind and body that are not adapted to this work and you will find yourself dealing with serious snap backs. Please click here to know more about snapbacks. But later on you can increase the load and process more material. In any event, remain conscious and listen to your body. Do not overload yourself.
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